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Bad Helvetica Coffee Mug

This is my helvetica coffee mug from veer. I'm rather dissapointed in it as the text is all bleeding and losing color. I wrote to veer today about it, so hopefully they'll send me a replacement. They seem to be a good company, I have little doubt they will.


UPDATE: Veer is sending me a new mug! However, they said it should not be put in the dishwasher as that can lead to bleading. That doesn't make sense to me though. I would think for 18 dollars it would hold up better than that.


UPDATE again: I think I figured it out. Veer must buy these mugs already glazed, and then proceed to print on top of an already existing glaze. And then put a new glaze on top of that. So the ink is sandwiched between two glazes (I'm GUESSING). I can't fathom any other reason for why the ink would bleed.


When I've been to pottery places before, I can paint onto the pottery, they glaze it after the paint dries, and then I've got a perfect piece, that is dishwasher safe. If these mugs went through the same process I don't think they would have this problem.


I got my new mug today, all is well that ends well.

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Taken on June 10, 2008