Xanax 2 mg

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    1. xanax2007 89 months ago | reply

      join my group xanax

    2. kilo one five [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      om nom nom xanax bars!

    3. sarahheiberger 73 months ago | reply

      xanax makes me soooooo happy:)

    4. justthething84 62 months ago | reply


    5. motojay001 59 months ago | reply

      How can i get some without a prescription? i want to be happy

    6. justthething84 57 months ago | reply

      i have xanax it works for anxiety

    7. New World Orderr 56 months ago | reply

      ill take 5 of them and get twisted.

    8. 4 boys for me 48 months ago | reply

      Out of curiousity, what are the effects of consuming a 2mg Xanax bar? Recently heard of these pills and was very curious what their effects are and how much u take at one time. Thank u:)

    9. bossheavyweight 45 months ago | reply

      Drowsiness, feel like your at peace, relaxed and depending if its your first time i would only take one, it hits you after 15 min....its ok to mix wit alcohol if you know your limit and have fun and be safe

    10. TokiMcNoodle 33 months ago | reply

      NO. Do NOT listen to bossheavyweight. Xanax and alcohol can be incredibly deadly. WORST thing you can do. Worse than opiates and alcohol. Not that its much better.

    11. wig3409 29 months ago | reply

      TokiMcNoodle knows what he's talkin about. Be careful please. Great pic tho.

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