unity cemetery
According to McArthur, Unity is so named because, when the local ranchers decided to move and rename the post office, they were surprised that everyone was in agreement and thus named the place “Unity.” McArthur does note that he “has been unable to identify any previous post office in the immediate area,” which pushes the story towards the apocryphal.

On the other hand, aside from the main street in town, Hwy. 26, there are only three other named streets appearing on Google maps: Education Dr., Federal Way, and Federal Loop Rd. Those sound like they’d been proposed by an old-fashioned, well, Federalist. A Unionist. Could this be a remnant of local Civil War loyalties writ on the land?

Whatever the town’s origins, the cemetery is well away from it on land rolling up towards the Blues and offers a broad panorama of the ranches below and hints of the Snake River Valley beyond. The world changes here. The sky is immense. Not more than three acres, they don’t expend money on watering. Wouldn’t fit with the enormity of the landscape. Not a bad place to spend eternity; you can probably see your ranch from up here. Nothin’ like keeping an eye on the place.


Unity is essentially a bend in Hwy. 26 shortly prior to its ascension into the Blues as it heads westward. While the highway is running east/west, it’s called Main St.; and when it turns north, it becomes 1st Ave. If one is heading west on Main St. but doesn’t make the turn north, instead continuing west, they will be on S. Burnt River Rd. Roughly two miles out on Burnt River Rd., Cemetery Rd. come down from the north. The cemetery is up that road about a mile-and-a-quarter on the west side of the road.
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