sunset cemetery (ontario)
It must be difficult, if you’re a Googler, to cover everything, if your job is to drive around in a small car taking pictures of every roadway in America. Leeway must be given. That sometimes a name slips through the cracks is to be expected. In any event, Google and everyone else records this cemetery as St. Johns, although the signage identifies it as Sunset; demonstrating that, not only do the Masons and Odd Fellows release their cemeteries, so too, on occasion, does the Catholic Church.

This cemetery is a modest one-quarter urban block adorned with a few cypress and a few cottonwood. It has borders of new, smallish trees and is fairly well maintained, although by whom I have no idea. It’s certainly not large enough to be a paying operation, but someone’s minding the store.

As a sign of the times in Ontario, what was once an exclusive Catholic enclave now admits, gasp!, Mormons. Can you imagine the number of popes rolling over in their graves?

Neither can I.



Found in the southwest quadrant of Ontario, OR. Specifically, it’s in the NW corner of the intersection of Sunset Dr. and SW 7th Pl. Sunset Dr. crosses a main street in town, SW 4th Ave., aka Olds Ferry-Ontario Hwy., and Ts at W. Idaho Ave.
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