washington soldiers home cemetery
Sources say that the home itself is on a hill above the cemetery, but I didn’t notice it when I was there, so I can’t give you a proper report on it; and when I visited the cemetery the temperature was freezing and the wind was fierce, so I didn’t give it its due. Lo siento.

Like all military cemeteries, this one is laid out with precision, with most of the space giver over to concentric circles of graves with identical (mostly) markers. If you look at the map (see any photo) in satellite view, the rings are clearly visible. The miscellaneous corners of the cemetery have their own precise layouts. The little caretaker’s castle under the tree is an endearing touch.

Every military cemetery is worth visiting, and, despite its modest size, this is no exception. It has a cozy feel to it. One can only hope that at some time in the future the maintenance budget can be increased.


Orting is a small community on Hwy. 162, southeast of Tacoma. Heading southwest (90°) from Hwy. 162 in the center of Orting is the Orting-Kapowsin Hwy., which you should take. A mile or so out of town the Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery appears on the south side of the road at the beginning of a tight horseshoe curve. The Orting Cemetery is at the other end of the horseshoe.
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