rainier (wa) cemetery
I can’t comment much on Rainier as a place, having only driven though it this once, other than to note that the beginnings of the Puget Sound Metropolis are here. The cemetery, on the other hand, is quaint and cute, elfin in nature, and nestled naturally among the trees. It rambles on more than one initially suspects and includes area that are unmowed but still “inhabited.” There is a complex of graves near the top of the slope upon which the cemetery is built, which is set apart by a large assemblage of rocks defining spaces and private niches on a scale I’ve never before encountered.

We visited on a bright, sunny, bitterly cold day accompanied by a stinging wind. I would like to have spent more time here, but it will have to be on a more accommodating day.


From Rainier, WA, SE of Olympia, head northeast on Hwy. 507 and the cemetery will appear in about a mile on the south side of the road. It’s visible from the highway but not marked, and it blends in well enough with surrounding forest and is relatively small, so keep your eye out when looking for it.
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