orting cemetery
According to Wikipedia,
Orting, has been designated the most at-risk town in the event of lahar activity from the mountain.” In Mt. Rainier’s case, “lahar” means when a side of the mountain caves way and flows downhill at an enormous rate, wiping out everything in its path. When it happens—and it will some day—the good people of Orting will have a half hour to beat the traffic jam and get out of town. But to where?

And when it happens, Orting’s pleasant, few-acre, open cemetery will disappear neath hundreds of feet of rubble and ooze. That will be the least of their problems. In the meantime, while it (and you) are still around, it’s not a bad stop, if you’re in the neighborhood, and it goes well with the Soldiers Home Cemetery down (up?) the road. A tidy two-fer. It’s a fairly flat cemetery with a bit of a slope to the rear. As you can see from the photos, they allow uprights, but the majority of the new stuff is flat. Or perhaps they “allowed” for uprights at one time, but no longer. The engraved bench, at least, is recent.


Orting is a small community on Hwy. 162, southeast of Tacoma. Heading southwest (90°) from Hwy. 162 in the center of Orting is Calistoga St. W, which becomes the Orting-Kapowsin Hwy., which you should take. A mile or so out of town the Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery will appear on the south side of the road at the beginning of a tight horseshoe curve. The Orting Cemetery is on the north side of the road just as it exits the curve (heading west, bien sûr). The cemetery and its sign are next to the road.
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