granite hill cemetery
A ramshackle old cemetery along the side and top of a small hill under a dense canopy of older trees. Much of the place is evidently only occasionally mowed and large patches are a chore to tramp through. It must cover a good 20 acres.

Despite the minimal maintenance, it’s not an uncared for cemetery, and I was surprised to find the gate closed the day I visited, it being a Tuesday. Tuesday, for some reason, is the day of the week they close the cemetery; though God only knows why they’d close it any day at all. Furthermore, a sign said “no trespassing” under penalty of a $100 fine.

Now, as you know, I tend to respect “no trespassing” signs, but this one seemed non-sensical and hardly enforceable as there was no real fence stopping one from entering. There was no one around, and anyway, who was going to know? When was I going to get back this way? I’d be quick.

So, I raced through the place much more rapidly than I would have liked; but even so, as I’m heading back to my car—which I’d left parked right in front of the gate—I can see workmen and their pickup having to negotiate around my van. I hustle up there fast as I can, ready to apologize for A) breaking the rules, and B) the inconvenience; but I’m too late; they’re already driving off into the cemetery waving with a friendly smile. Thank God they didn’t need the hundred bucks.

You can see from my quick romp through the woods that there is more to investigate than I had time for. I’d advise you wear sturdy footwear and schedule time for mucking around. But not on a Tuesday.


On the north side of upper River Rd. on the NW side of Grants Pass. Take G St. (Hwy. 260) and head west. After awhile it curves NW and becomes Upper River Rd. Cemetery will appear after a bit on the north side of the road. The more obvious Hawthorn Memorial Gardens is across the street on the south side.
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