central point ioof cemetery
Sizable enough for a pioneer cemetery at better than three acres, but it could be better maintained. It’s sheltered by a mixed forest predominated by oaks which could be called scruffy. Civic pride hasn’t extended here to the cemetery yet. Instead it’s concentrated in a development adjacent to the cemetery which houses, for some strange reason, a war memorial. It’s been a long time since the Indian Wars, and they aren’t memorialized in this assemblage, anyway. (To their credit they call the Gulf War the “Persian Gulf War” and not the demeaning sobriquet “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”) There’s no doubt, though, that Southern Oregon attracts retired military personnel at a rate comparable to its attracting the young avant guard. It makes for uneasy bedfellows, at times, but they’re learning to get along. Both parties agree it’s a question of location, location, location; and the old military guys are beginning to think this smoking pot ain’t so bad.

The cemetery is still in use around the edges, but at a reduced rate of consumption.


Central Point is essentially North Medford. Interstate 5 is the north and east borders of the town. The main exit to the town’s downtown is the Pine St. Exit. Take that exit and head east on E Pine St. A couple blocks down you'll cross Hamrick Rd. Take that north. A few blocks later Hamrick begins bending to the east again, and the cemetery is right there at the curve. It’s unmarked and there’s a fair amount of traffic, so be careful. On the other hand, it’s quite visible.
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