hot springs cemetery
A chain-link fence surrounded, open, four-acre or so, cemetery at the crest of a small rise with expansive views. One can see the resort at Ka-Nee-Ta from up here, though it’s a distance away. It’s a standard fair, Native-American cemetery, like most of the others this side of the Cascades, though not nearly as extensive as the Agency Cemetery in Warm Springs.


Location: Webster Flat Rd. meets the Ka-Nee-Ta/Simnasho Hwy. perhaps seven or eight miles north of its junction with Hwy. 26 in Warm Springs, and strikes out eastward. It’s paved. Don’t follow Google Maps, but follow the pavement instead for 3.4 miles, when a gravel (new in 2009) road will head north (your left) up the flank of a hill. That drive ends at the cemetery. It’s not marked.
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