palmer/bell grave site
Not really a cemetery, containing but two-plus people. The “plus” being the leg of an Indian chief who, according to “Explorations” from the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum, lost it during “a shooting accident and was a friend of the Palmers”; a story which was repeated to us by a honey vendor parked there when we stopped by. Related to the old chief by marriage, the vendor also said that recently a buried skull was found in the course of some utility pole work and that everything was currently halted to see whether or not the entire place was an old Native American burial ground. If so, he claimed, then the Indians would own the bridge, which appeared to amuse him considerably. According to legend and backed up by geologists (although I think there might be hyperbole involved), a large chunk of a neighboring mountain fell into and blocked the river about 500 years ago, providing a natural bridge across it until washed away. (My guess would be than any blockage would be cleared away the first winter.)

The massacre referred to on the stone was, according to the same “Explorations,” brought on by the “breach of the Treaty of 1855.” It’s an old and oft repeated story.


At the Washington end of the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia (one-buck toll) is an ad hoc parking lot at the SE corner of the intersection of the bridge road with Highway 14. Park there and look for a trail leading into the woods from the lot. Folow that trail. Grave site only a dozen or so yards from the lot.
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