cascade cemetery (north bonneville, wa)
The Skamania Cem. Dist. sexton recommended this cemetery as, what he called, “the Indian cemetery”; though what he meant is that some Indians were buried there, but not that it’s an active Indian cemetery. The Indians that are here are ones moved during the construction of the Bonneville Dam. This is the dam that Woody Guthrie was brought up to the Northwest to extol. He did.

The cemetery is 1-1 1/2-acres with a good number of small trees that are recently being spiffed up and landscaped around. It’s in an odd location, rather industrial, but being well maintained these days, thanks to the good folks at Skamania.


Turn north off Hwy. 14 at the east end of North Bonneville (it’s hard to tell where you are from the highway) onto Hot Springs Way (Google claims it’s called Dam Access Rd., but it’s not so on the street sign)., which Ts at E. Cascade Dr. You’ll cross under the railroad tracks. Turn left (west) and the cemetery is right there; bingo!
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