indian cemetery (husum, wa)
Tiny, less than a quarter acre, cemetery, typical in its decoration for Native America cemeteries this side of the mountains. They’re more orderly closer to the coast. I’m a little gun shy around Indian cemeteries after some ugly encounters with a group of would-be warriors from the Grande Ronde, who seem to think that the rules of polite discourse don’t apply to them; but this cemetery is far enough away from civilization, NA or otherwise, that you’ll probably be left alone. But, like any NA cemetery (and, for that matter, all good cemeteries), it’s an eye-opener.

I must say, though, that the Indian rules for maintaining the environment, despite the rhetoric, are not as strict as one would hope. I know that it is impossible to be politically correct and question any NA practices these days, but I find the environment in many of these cemeteries to be curious, in extremis.


Husum is a wide spot in Hwy. 141 some five miles or so above White Salmon. As you’re entering Husum from the south, rolling down the hill towards the bridge over Indian Creek, Indian Creek Rd. enters from the east. It’s a dirt road. Take it. A bit further on Indian Cemetery Rd. will depart towards the north from Indian Cr. Rd. Take it to its conclusion, et voila.
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