berge cemetery
Quite small at about a half-acre, Berge has no reason to be so cute, yet it’s a jim-dandy little boneyard high off the river. New deciduous trees have been planted bordering a central drive and around the periphery; and each central tree is protected by a neat circle of pavers. The whole is watched over by a dozen or so getting largish evergreens. It’s not an extravagant cemetery, but the carving on the stone for Maurice (1931-2007) and Shirley (1935-2006) Russell is as romantic as I’ve seen.


Berge Rd. enters Hwy 14 from the north, just east of where Wind River empties into the Columbia, which is where Carson is located. Head up Berge Rd. for three or four miles (I forgot to keep track) until Berge Cemetery Rd. enters from the east. It comes just after you pass through a large clear-cut for power lines. There’s a sign at the road. Do not confuse Berge Rd. with the nearby Bergen Rd.
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