underwood chris-zada cemetery
The Skamania Co. Cemetery District does an exemplary job of, not just maintaining, but improving the ten cemeteries in its charge. This is one of the three (this is debatable) sweetest (the others being: Berge Cemetery, Stevenson Cemetery) in its manifest. An acre or so in size, it reeks of serenity under a dense canopy of mature trees. There are nice touches: homemade headstones, fenced plots, and old uprights. It sequesters no outstanding designs or sentiments, but it would be a lovely place to spent eternity. Or twenty minutes, depending on which you have.

Cook-Underwood RD. is the original road along that part of the river on the Washington side, as it was too difficult, originally, to built a road at the water level, where it currently resides. the road combs the crest of a bluff, which a view that’s beyond spectacular.


Cook-Underwood Rd. departs northwards from Hwy. 14 at Underwood, which is mainly just a sign post a couple miles downstream from White Salmon. Take that road. After a mile or so, Cooper Ave. coming up from the south meets Cook-Underwood Rd., which has headed west at this point. Take Cooper Ave. and the cemetery will be on the east side of the road just across from where Cooper Ave. Spur meets Cooper Ave.
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