coos river cemetery
This charming little three or four acre cemetery is somewhat difficult to find but worth the effort. It’s not spectacular and doesn’t draw from an eccentric or particularly creative clientele, but its well maintained, interesting enough, and delightfully located on a dead end road. It will probably be peaceful here forever. The cemetery is on a point of land where the Coos River divides into southern and northern branches, and occasionally it’s referred to as the South Fork Cemetery, but I’m sticking with the entrance sign. What some people insist on calling the North Fork of the Coos is actually the Millicoma, and does harbor an eccentric cast, including a personage from Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire,” one Ralph Newcomb. I spent a certain amount of partying time at the end of the road up the Millicoma at a friend’s homestead some decades ago. It’s a piece back in there.

This is a quintessential Coast Range Cemetery. It’s a well-hidden treasure.


Getting there is half the trick.

Begin by grabbing the Coos River Hwy., which heads east out of Eastside, a Coos Bay neighborhood. It begins on the south bank of the river but soon crosses to the north bank. Instead of going over the bridge to the north bank, take the shunt under the bridge, which reaches the road which follows the river on that bank, the confusingly named Coos River Rd.

After 2 or 3 miles, the road does cross the river. Immediately upon crossing the river, take the road which enters from the left (north). Google shows it as S. Coos River Ln. Follow it a mile or so until it takes a sharp turn to the right and becomes Landreth Rd. The drive to the cemetery (right hand side) is just prior to that turn. There is a sign at the road.
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