sunset memorial park (coos bay)
If this cemetery was really named “Sunset Memorial Park” in 1914, it did so only a year after the original Memorial Park, Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA which would be pretty amazing. What brings that into question is that of the 15 or 20 so acres of lawn cemetery, two are filled with old uprights (and some new), demonstrating that it wasn’t originally a lawn cemetery. Forest Lawn, on the other hand, was a lawn cemetery from the get-go, one of the distinguishing features of anything named “memorial park.” My guess would be that the name changed somewhat after founding. One could probably canvas the graves to find when that transfer occurred.

I didn’t float around the cemetery to see what of interest was lying around, but one tombstone did stand upright amongst the rest: that for the legendary runner, Steve Prefontaine: Coos Bay’s favorite son.


On the west side of Hwy. 101 as you’re heading south out of Coos Bay; just past the area known as Millington. Large cemetery easily seen from the highway.
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