civil bend cemetery
The “bend” referred to is one in the Umpqua River. There was a race track down there at one time and the place was known for boisterous activities and the tag “civil” was added to “bend”: ironically (or so says McArthur).

Four or 5 long acres on top of a gentle knoll under a spread of older trees, with a number of the graves enlivened by flower beds. The entrance to the cemetery is announced by a large rock with carvings on its face of a horse-drawn hearse. When we first visited this cemetery, some decades ago now, it was much more rural than presently, though it’s hard to understand what’s driving the economic engine in Winston. Surely not the Safari. In any event, it’s encouraging to see one more rural cemetery being well looked after.


Hwy. 42 (Douglas Blvd.) heads west from Hwy. 99 in Winston; take it. Almost immediately Civil Bend Ave. enters from the south; take that. It runs into the cemetery. There is a regulation "cemetery" sign at the highway.
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