hayes cemetery (hayes, wa)
The cemetery was platted by Daniel Gardner, who also provided the bell for a chapel which once stood here. The cemetery was taken over by the public in 1963. Roughly a couple acres in size, there are two distinct parts to it: one-third an older section with stones in regular rows and no trees, and two-thirds a new section under oaks and with curving drives with new curbing but no inhabitants. Clark County has done an admirable job of late in perking up and investing in their pioneer cemeteries; they are to be commended. This cemetery renovation includes a particularly handsome new frontage fence of stone and wire. (What, no chain-link!)


On the north side of NW Hayes Rd. east of Woodland. Across the road from the intersections to NW 8th Ave. and NW 7th Ct. Hayes Rd. is the name (for a while) of the major road on the south side of the Lewis River.
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