abernethy cemetery
This tiny cemetery hidden under a canopy of trees can’t be a city lot in size and hasn’t been used since whenever. It’s clinging to a vegetation covered talus slope beneath cliffs bordering the Columbia. Everything else around here is spelled “Abernathy,” except for the cemetery and its inhabitants: they’re all “Abernethys.” Don’t believe any other sources. Of greater interest than the cemetery, perhaps, is the modernist house perched next to it. When I visited in March I could still see a Christmas tree through the front window; I thought maybe the house was a vacation home.

Unlike the Oregon side of the river, there is scant land upon which to build on this its outer sweep. The road here is narrow, twisty, and has too much traffic traveling too fast, but it’s a lot cozier than it’s cross-river counterpart. It never ceases to amaze me how two banks of a river can be so different.
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