mount pleasant cemetery (carrolls, wa)
Perhaps the majority of cemeteries are on hills, but few are as spectacularly located as this, with stupendous views deep into the Cascades in one direction and of the mighty swath of the Columbia River in the other. The road up here is almost suburban in nature and the cemetery is flanked by new McMansions taking advantage of the views, but the cemetery holds the crown. It’s well maintained and has new wraparound, chain-link fencing, and a couple of its 4-5 acres have recently been cleared and terraced in anticipation of more demand, which, truth to tell, has been light so far. It blows up here and its not as warm as down in the valley, but the dead don’t seem to mind. They say the view is worth the privations. They are such accommodating folk.

There aren’t a lot of graves here, and few are very old, though I have a photo of one from 1904. The glory days of this cemetery are yet to come. Reserve your spot now.
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