northwood park cemetery
A 4-5-acre lawn cemetery with a number of fairly mature trees, especially given the cemetery’s age. Small “islands” have been created here and there to accommodate upright markers, as current fashion demands. The lawn parts are festooned with balloons, etc., so I’m not sure of the efficacy of the lawn cemetery edict anyway. One curious area has been raised into a sort of earthen platform, sort of like a Mayan temple base. Not far from that is another area defined by hedges, which is called the “Congregation of Eternity,” a Jewish enclave. The cemetery includes, not only a mausoleum, but a pair of freestanding columbaria. Their promotional flyer asks, “Have you heard the news about Northwood Park?” which they answer with, “Now conveniently located off NE 15th Ave.,” implying that either the cemetery or the avenue have been recently moved. There may be an entrance that way, too, but I didn’t notice it.
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