forest lawn cemetery (gresham)
I take back all the nasty things I said about Gresham. Everything except the stuff about Tonya Harding; there’s nothing I can do about that, she’s Gresham through and through. But this cemetery is more than twice what I thought it was, despite having stopped by on several occasions. For some reason, when visiting I never managed to find the back half of the place. Pity, because a lot goes on there.

As the name implies, Forest Lawn is a lawn cemetery barring uprights, except, it turns out, in a back corner of the back half where, by God, a little forest of uprights has grown, several of which are quite interesting. A second, smaller mausoleum also anchors the back lot, along with a half-dozen, free standing columbaria grouped together. The main mausoleum, though not large, is quite nice; and, were it not for the now ubiquitous patriotic flag pole and display, the place is not so bad. At least there’s no outsized Christ beaming his benedictions down upon the ten or so acres of the dead. Rest in peace, you guys.

An added bonus is that to get to the cemetery one has to pretty much go through the minuscule pioneer cemeteries of White Birch and Gresham first. When I first visited, a young mother and her child were having lunch beside a pool that graces the entrance to Forest Lawn. That alone was a good sign.


Take Walker Dr. south from Powell Blvd. in Gresham; drive past the Gresham and White Birch Cemeteries, over Johnson Creek, and the cemetery will appear on your left.
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