tutuilla presbyterian indian mission cemetery
Mixing Christianity and paganism, Indian cemeteries are always lively, and despite the Presbyterian tag on this cemetery, it doesn’t prevent the native spirit from coming out. While I’m sure that the multitude of Indians in Oregon prior to the arrival of the whites practiced a multitude of burial observances, since then they seem to collectively have decided on the mounded and scraped model for grave sites. In between is left to the weeds.

Just what gets left on a grave is variable from nothing more than a natural stone to a wholesale cleaning out of the kitchen and bedroom. It would produce tedium to try and describe them here. One must look at the photos. This particular cemetery, open to the sky, is no more than a half-acre surrounded by hog-wire fencing. It’s not big, but it’s packed and there’s a lot to see.


Easiest way is to head south on Market Rd. from the 316 exit off I-84 east of Pendleton. Turn right at the first road you come to, Tutuilla Church Rd. Cemetery is behind the abandoned Trinity Presbyterian Church a couple miles down the road on the south side, just past where Patawa Rd. comes in from the south.
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