toledo cemetery
Alas, the mill in downtown Toledo is not steel. Perhaps it would smell better that way. As it is, like Bellingham, Washington, only the persistent odor saves this place from being perfect. Or so the locals would surely like to think. Toledo does have its arts community, probably an economic spillover from Newport, but until the air quality improves, it’s safe from gentrification for quite a while.

If cemeteries are an indication of community, though, then Toledo ranks high, as this modestly sized two-acre cemetery, while built on a veritable roller-coaster landscape, is richly planted under big old trees. The hills are steep enough to warrant caution when the grass is wet, but there is lots of personalization here, so a hike through the place repays the effort. The extreme nature of the turbulent landscape coupled with mature plants creates many a small outdoor “room” giving the prospective lot-selector a wide choice of locations.

The steel connection? None. The founders were from Ohio; they named the place after home. Wouldn’t the Spaniards be amazed?
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