sunnyside chimes memorial garden
A place that doesn’t know what its name is. It appears to have begun as Little Chapel of the Chimes, but morphed into what you see above. They use a number of different names yet. I think they’re trying to mature their image.

In some way Sunnyside is a large columbarium. They do have a field for old fashioned burials, but they’re really pushing cremation. They’re on the same hill that Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery (q.v.) is, excepting that Sunnyside uses the lower half, the bottom of which is landscaped into several different “gardens’ either with freestanding columbaria or naturalized area where memorial boulders and plaques can be placed, as well as a scatter garden higher on the hill. They’ve built a stream through part of the property over which one passes as they exit the chapel into the cemetery. The top of the property is dominated by a full-body mausoleum. They’ll gladly differentiate many more options for you than I’ve suggested here.

The reason to visit Sunnyside is not for the epitaphs, you’d do better across the street at Gethsemani, but to see the future of the burial business. I don’t have a founding date for it, but it’s among the youngest in the region and is the one that points the way ahead. When the talking, video headstones appear, they will probably appear here first.


Across the road from Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery on SE Stevens Rd. near the intersection of Sunnyside and I-205.
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