skyline memorial gardens
Skyline is big. Skyline has fantastic views of the Tualatin Valley. Skyline is acres of green sward interrupted by occasional “memorial courts” sprouting columns or statuary. Skyline has no messy upright stones to interfere with mowing the sward (although some uprights are allowed in flower beds bordering gardens). Skyline is very hard to read. One feels aimless wandering around the park looking for something beyond the generic. In a way, it’s much like Willamette National—another flat stone cemetery—without the military dignity. Skyline, in the spirit of “memorial gardens” has a vaguely Protestant feel to it. It’s not a neutral environment; you won’t feel comfortable here if you’re a, say, humanist. I did find one enigmatic epitaph, that of Frank (1935- ) and Carmen Kay (1948-1998) Hoffman: “I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always.” Presumably, a private endearment between them.


Find the cemetery by driving west out the ever delightful Skyline Dr. Can't be missed.
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