saint wenceslaus cemetery
King, aka Saint, Wenceslaus was a Bohemian Duke of a thousand years ago, who was canonized because he was martyred for the cause. He became a part of the Christmas carol, not for his supposed virtues, but rather because the author thought the name sounded good in the song. His name is now attached to the church fronting the cemetery, which, you won’t be surprised to know, is filled with Bohemians—the European not New York variety, spiced with a number of Italians, resulting in a graveyard with considerably more flare than its neighbors.

Being a Catholic cemetery, and Eastern and Southern European Catholic at that, there’s a goodly collection of other crosses here that merit a stop in themselves. Indeed, this could be a much more decorative and pleasant cemetery, were someone to take the care to do a few plantings; but, as it is, it’s another “backyard cemetery” surrounded on three sides by the rear ends of new, undistinguished T-11 housing.

Scappoose has been declared the “new suburbia,” which isn’t far from the truth. New housing appears to have been flung against the landscape by a scatter gun; anything that wasn’t hit last week will be clobbered this. Scappoose and St. Helens will eventually merge, their days as river towns long gone.


Behind Saint Wenceslaus Church at the SW corner of SW Jenny Ln. with Old Portland Rd. See Fairview Cemetery (Scappoose) for further details.
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