saint patrick's historic cemetery
A three-acre cemetery dived roughly into thirds, with an older rear section including uprights, a newer lawn cemetery in front, and an unused side strip. There was a church on the property until 1942. A distinguishing feature is a clutch of hand-made, iron cross markers, common to parts of the Midwest, but rare out here.

No question but this is a Catholic cemetery as it greets you with a stone dedicated to “the loving memory of all precious babies lost through abortion/ 1974.” Nothing like carrying your politics to the grave. Of note is the liberal use of an unusual red, weeping stone that was often cut quite deeply by the local artisan(s). USGS lists this as the New Era Cemetery. When you’re done with the cemetery, continue on out New Era Rd. You deserve the drive. Pay special attention to the collection of Victorian buildings at the Herman Anthony Farm on your left, after you leave the cemetery.


Just off Hwy. 99E, a couple miles north of Canby where New Era Rd. slices off towards the east, although at this point it parallels the highway heading in a north/south direction. Cemetery only a few hundred yards up the road on the east side.
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