oswego pioneer cemetery
At five acres and with only modest additions of new graves, Oswego Pioneer is obviously not the destination of large blocks of Lake Ohers. Which is a pity, because it’s a nice little cemetery with a variety of plantings and more than a dozen stone memorial benches, the largest collection I've encountered anywhere. There are cemeteries with more extensive graphics, ones where the inhabitants wax more poetic, but none has more places to sit. Most of the benches are in a newer section on the northern border of the cemetery where it adjoins Sacred Heart Cemetery. Not only are the stones newer, but the grass is greener. Many of the older stones are laid within concrete curbing, but the newer follow more regular practices.

The little cemetery's claim to fame though—even though the benches are nice—has to be two-time Nobel winner Linus Pauling, even though the jury is still out on the benefits of orange juice. It may not be as good for one as Pauling claimed, but it still can't be a bad idea.

That part of the cemetery not bordered by Stafford Rd. or Sacred Heart Cemetery is backed by a diving range, but only the rare ball makes it over the fence. No one has ever hollered “fore” while I was there. The turf is not overly lush, but there’s a good selection of small trees and other plantings, lending an air of thoughtful consideration to the place.


On the west side of Stafford Rd. as it leaves Lake O, just prior to the golf course (if you're coming from town).
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