oaklawn memorial park
There are two “lawn” cemeteries in the Corvallis area and they both contain “oak” in their name: this and Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens across the Willamette. If this is your style of cemetery, this is the preferable choice. It’s big at 40+ acres and growing, and is well maintained, especially in comparison with Twin Oaks. Furthermore, it lacks the Christian iconography so prevalent at Twin Oaks. Build on rolling hills, in keeping with memorial garden practices, it’s open to the sky; and the stones are flush, so reading them is a bit of a chore. A trio of mausolea stands watch on the brow of the hill, and I’d venture a guess that this is the town’s busiest graveyard, but perhaps not the best place for a picnic or a tryst.


From Hwy. 34 heading west out of Corvallis, turn south at 35th St. Stay on 35th until it becomes SW Hilltop Dr. and heads up the hill where it becomes SW Whiteside Dr. Stay on that road and the entrance to the cemetery will shortly appear on your left as the road bends to the right.
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