north palestine cemetery
Both the graveyard and the old Palestine Memorial Church next to it are now maintained by the North Palestine Cemetery Association, to which we extend our thanks for doing a commendable job. The church and cemetery occupy the best of the summit of Kay’s Hill and offer a broad view of the Willamette bottoms below.

It’s a small cozy cemetery watched over by mature trees. It still gets some use by a well-chosen few who appreciate its beauty and prospect. One of those was Scott Smith (1950-1999), whose blue and white, handmade mosaic marker is gorgeous. Somebody loved him.

Recently the cemetery has been enriched by the addition of a polished black granite slab for Barbara Nored (1945-2005), which has a gaping cleft at the top surmounted by a gold ball. "Nored" is spelled out in high relief gold lettering and each side of the slab is adorned with four gold leaves that float above the surface as if blown there by the wind. It's an exquisite piece of art which will never show up at your local museum; you'll have to come here to see it. It's worth it.

The plain white, steepleless church crouching under the dark firs is fitting accompaniment to this vernacular cemetery.


On the north side of Palestine Ave. between the Independence-Corvallis Hwy. and Scenic Dr. northwest of Albany. Once you've found Palestine Dr., the rest is easy. Cemetery alongside road.
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