arlington masonic cemetery
Arlington cleaves to a cut in the high, dry, fortress-like cliffs lining the Columbia River before it gouges its way through the Cascade Mountains. One can imagine the rain not falling for years here (although one would be wrong) and the only occupations seems to be at a couple of motels and the grain elevator. It’s not a place where one would expect to find a first-class, exceptionally well maintained cemetery. After all, who’s to die out here?

Apparently, at least in whilom times, quite a number, and their descendants have gone to the extra mile to make sure they are well cared for and honored. I don’t know when the Masons abandoned this cemetery, but the North Gilliam County Cemetery Maintenance District has picked up the ball and spares no expense growing a sea-green lawn worthy of an English vicarage. Given its three to four acres in size, it must take swimming pools full of water to support the thick, weed-free pelouse; a stark contrast to the surrounding rim of golden dry bluffs. It’s a splendid surprise.

In particular one might note a quartet of Woodman of the World stumps; quite a catch for such a small town cemetery.


Take Main St. in downtown Arlington (it's not hard to find) to its end and there you'll be.
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