agency mission cemetery
A surprisingly big—I’d guess more than four acres—cemetery that has large unused sections. None of the Indian cemeteries this side of the Cascades has the lushness or serene beauty of Paul Washington Indian Cemetery in Siletz, but what they lack in grace they more than make up for in style and exuberance. And while the local Native Americans dress in Levis and Pendletons, just like every other Oregonian, when they die they adorn their graves with cameos of themselves in their native finery. Norwegians have their tribal dress, as well, which they call bunader and differ from place to place, just as NA dress differs from tribe to tribe; only Norwegians, unfortunately, don’t tend to embellish their graves with pictures of them in their bunads. Pity, I say.

In any event, there’s a bonanza of handmade markers and decorated graves here well worth a leisurely stroll. Look for the hand-carved wooden golf bag with clubs. typical Native American stuff.

You betcha.


From the intersection of Hwy. 331 (Market Rd.) and Mission Rd. east of Pendleton, head due east on Mission (or Cayuse). Soon you will come to the BIA grounds. Turn south on A St. and keep heading south on that street as it turns to dirt and head through the tree line at the rear of the property. You'll see the cemetery when you get through the trees.
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