lone pine cemetery (wamic)
Quintessential Boot Hill ranging from brand-new graves to rows of stone stumps weathering into the ground. Plot chart shows many unknown graves. Cemetery sits on a bump in the middle of Smock Prairie and has a sweeping 360° view encompassing both the majestic Cascades and Mt. Hood, and the forbidding, dry interior. There’s a wonderful new grave here where the father has installed a homemade weathervane for his son. If you’re lucky, the cows will come and visit you. R. A. Gerity (1928-1998) is here, as well, with advice spot-welded onto a steel plate: “Listen to the wild…/ It’s calling you.”

Wamic and neighboring Tygh Valley are among our favorite Oregon towns. If you were to not stop at the cemetery but continued on past it, you’d eventually come to a little-seen, dramatic crossing of the White River, illuminated with swaths of colored sandstone. It’s only a short drive, but the road is terribly maintained; drive slowly. While in Wamic, you can play the state’s most—ahem—idiosyncratic golf course.


Head east out of Wamic on State 48; Take Smock Rd. south when you get to the top of the grade outside Wamic. Take a right at the next intersection and you'll see the cemetery at the top of a hill on your left.
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