ioof/gar cemetery (the dalles)
It’s sometimes hard to tell if anyone’s minding the store at fraternal order cemeteries, but, if the IOOF isn’t maintaining this cemetery. someone is doing a heck of a job and is giving the IOOF the credit.

While many FO cemeteries have been converted to municipal or community ownership, and a few have been abandoned, some FO cemeteries are still going great guns. This is, obviously, the major cemetery in town (at what must be more than twenty acres) and comes equipped with caretakers and a mausoleum. The Dalles IOOF has also assumed control of nearby Sunset Cemetery (q.v.), making them the only FO I know of that has actually expanded its holdings in modern times. The local Masonic Cemetery, in contrast, was “vacated” some fifteen years ago.

A not particularly loquacious group, these folk (what does one call people from The Dalles?), there’s a smattering of interesting graphics, and it’s large enough to have something for everyone. There’s an occasional Native American interment or Native American reference, here, more than you’ll find in you average Portland cemetery. If nothing else, it has a tremendous view.

Then again, every place in The Dalles has a tremendous view.

Like many amalgamated cemeteries, it’s impossible to know where the IOOF and the GAR cemeteries divide. I’ll confess to never having known who sponsored the GAR cemeteries, but I suspect it was ad hoc local groups, as none of them seem to be self-supporting anymore.


Cherry Heights Rd. intersects with W. 6th St (Hwy. 30) on the west end of The Dalles where the new mega-stores and drive-ins are. Take it south (away from the river) and after three or four blocks the cemetery will appear on your left. You’ll pass St. Peters Cemetery on your right shortly before getting to the IOOF/GAR Cemetery.
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