idlewild cemetery
It’s the “with it” cemetery in town with an outdoor mausoleum, columbarium, and—hang onto you hats—a pet cemetery (one grave: Yoyo Seavert [1989-2003]) complete with its own, as yet unused, columbarium. Also has a “Walk of Honor” with “Veterans Scattered Ashes,” ending at a basalt memorial column.

I’ve elsewhere extolled the virtues of the Hood River Valley, but that doesn’t mean one should ignore the town itself. Until the outdoor recreation boom of the past couple decades, and in particular the recent rise of windsurfing, Hood River was a prosperous farming community that just happened to be in a spectacular location, Except for the disturbing incidents of World War II, the town has led a charmed life, and the inner-city neighborhoods reflect that charm. Its recent boom fortunately came to late to suffer the ravages of the 50s and 60s urban renewal bulldozing, and a good deal of the original core architecture has been retained; excepting that now the storefronts are filled with fancy emporiums and upscale eateries. The town is ripe with new building that, for the most part, compliments the old. The fad has settled into the new reality. It’s also a perfect place for an old geezer such as myself, whose idea of a good sport is Sunday drives. Point me towards a back road and give me a push. As a lagniappe, you can even eat well there now.


Heading out of Hood River on the Hood River-Odell Rd/ this is the first of two Hood River cemeteries you'll run across, just beyond the city limits sign.
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