harrisburg ioof/masonic cemetery
Like convenience stores, cemeteries tend to cluster. That there are four within a half-mile of each other on Powerline Rd. is not exceptional. The Masonic portion of this double cemetery opened in 1878. Sharing the same ground, it’s hard to tell where the Masons start and the Odd Fellows stop, especially when the ground is covered with snow, as it was when I visited. There are newish signs for both sections and it makes one wonder if those fraternal organizations still maintain these cemeteries. Combined they don’t stretch beyond three acres, and they’re totally open save for one, large, ancient fir tree guarding the dead. Like Alford up the road, it has a good collection of white bronze, including another rare triple.


On the west side of Powerline Rd. south of its intersection with Hwy. 99E northwest of Harrisburg.
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