eddyville cemetery
A schizophrenic little cemetery. On a plateau above the Yaquina River, the original cemetery is hardly more than a city lot in size and is comfortably planted and surrounded by the soft cloth of the forest, but the new section is a good two acres and open to whatever God would like to throw at it. They’re ready for a lot of people to die here, and God only knows where they’re going to come from. Eddyville hasn’t become a vacation mecca just yet.
It’s one unusual feature (aside from preparedness) is that many graves are marked by small metal plaques affixed to the slanting tops of 4x4s stuck in the ground. It’s a small but significant gesture of remembrance. It may not be an earth-shattering cemetery, but it has its nice touches and is at a good stopping point between Corvallis and the coast. Pick a nice day and pack a picnic and a pipe and this would be a good dining spot.
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