cornelius united methodist cemetery
The Jefferson Airplane—or was it Starship?—had a line in one of their songs; “No man is an island; he’s a peninsula.” Dry land peninsulas thrusting above farm lands make particularly good cemeteries, and the Cornelius United Methodist is a prime example of the genre. Its inception date is vague, but it predates the internet assessment of 1885. In a casual walkthrough I noticed a 1876 date, and Friedman claims dates back to the 1860s, which suits me. Whatever its ultimate age, it’s chock-a-block with old thin upright slabs, certainly one of the better collections in the Tualatin Valley. In its day, before it got sandwiched between burgeoning Forest Grove and Hillsboro, Cornelius was a town of some repute. Like its neighbors it’s been enlivened of late with a heavy Mexican flavor. Viva Cornelius!


The east side of Schefflin Rd. as it departs Cornelius to the north.
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