chinese cemetery
Across the road from the truckers and the cowboy angels, a collection of depressions in the ground marks where the bones of Chinese were dug up and repatriated to China. An 1890 stone prayer house still stands and someone has recently completed a small pagoda with a triangular footprint. Footpaths are graveled and a single stone bears testimony to seventeen named and fifty unnamed Chinese once buried here. A separate stone honors Lee Chue (1882-1938), whose name is not included on the common stone. Burials here ceased in 1940. There are no names of women, which could either mean none were buried here (not unlikely, as few Chinese women made it to the mining camps), or that they were ignored in the repatriation process (also not unlikely). Seeing as remains have been discovered at Lone Fir’s Chinese section after they were supposedly all returned to China, could not the same be true in Baker City?

This is not an impressive site and it’s in a degraded situation. Nonetheless, it’s an important remnant of Oregon’s history. and is serious food for thought.
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