bilyeu den cemetery
A well cared for five acre cemetery open to the sky, save for two redwoods. It has a wooden kiosk with the platting of who’s where in the cemetery; always a sign of care. A handsome new house has been built next-door, and between their horses and the neighbor’s cows, an earthy odor hangs in the air. The new house and cemetery share a magnificent view. This is the first in a string of cemeteries along Camp Morrison Rd.; within a couple miles are Our Lady of Lourdes and the Pioneer (Jordan). The covered bridge at the beginning of Camp Morrison Rd. is a bonus.


Bilyeu Den sits along the south side of Camp Morrison Rd., not more than a half-mile from its intersection with Hwy. 226, south of Lyons, ten miles or so. There's a sign at the road, but the cemetery is visible anyway.
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