beth israel cemetery
Oldest and probably largest of Portland’s several Jewish cemeteries, it looks its age with numerous tall, stately markers. A casual walk through the rows will reveal many familiar Portland names. All Jewish cemeteries in these parts are well packed and Beth Israel is no exception; but it has considerable land left for growth and large outdoor mausoleums, as well, which have a long future potential. The Jews, perhaps even more than the Catholics, care for their dead. Beth Israel is a well tended cemetery with scattered shrubbery and a minimal amount of vandalism. Having live-in protection helps. Like many of its counterparts in the area, Beth Israel maintains a chapel, the Adolph E. Laudan Chapel, for onsite services.

The mausoleum isn’t evident from where one drives in, but it’s behind and below the chapel. There’s also a chunk of expansion land down that way, too.


SW Taylors Ferry Rd. between Boones Ferry and Terwilliger.
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