alpine cemetery
Make no mistake, this is the Alpine Cemetery. Nonetheless, the sign on the archway says “Simpson Chapel, 25600,” so I feel compelled to include it in the name, but no one else is going to know it by that name and I have no idea where it came from.

You’ll have to undo a gate to drive up here, but not to worry.

When you get there, you’ll find four fairly pedestrian acres housing two big oaks and a border of firs and redwoods. It has a cute weathered shed in the back, though. There’s a lot of room left on the lower slopes, and it doesn’t look as if Alpine will be filling them up anytime soon.

A note about Alpine. Its alpine fantasies come from being named after a school that was atop a nearby hill, that had fantasies of its own (the school, not the hill). It’s a long way from the Alps, or even the Wallowas, Oregon’s own alpine range.

More importantly, Alpine is the town one goes through, if one takes the backway from Eugene to Waldport. From there the road passes near Alsea Falls on its way to meet Hwy. 34 at Alsea. The road is part gravel, but is well maintained. I know that the area has attracted some creative and interesting people over the past decades, but I guess enough of them aren’t dying yet.


From downtown Alpine, i.e. the intersection of Bellfountain and Alpine Roads, head west on Alpine Rd. Cemetery road will enter Alpine Rd. from the north a block or two down. Take it to the end.
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