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playing the ponys

Street Photography Now Project, Instruction #34 - 'get stuck in the thick of ' - Otto Snoek


on a lark spent $4.00 for general admission to Derby Club at the Ventura County Fairgrounds where folks 'wager and win' on horse races televised via satellite. i scoped the place. lots of security cameras and bored security personnel. loose group of middle-aged men standing behind the tables arms crossed staring up at the bank of cameras. seniors with walkers and canes slowing making way to the tables. rowdy group sitting at the bar yucking it up; the loudest of the bunch, big guy with black baseball cap dressed in jeans and black t-shirt that read 'game over.' i took a seat next to this lady who greeted me with a warm smile. she exchanged playful banter with those around her. by the looks of her area she took her gambling seriously: pens and pencils on top of race sheets. wager tickets laid out like playing cards, her cell phone next to half-eaten food and drink. her easy going manner turned dead serious once the race stared which gave me the courage to pull out my Canon Powershot and take a couple of shots...


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Taken on May 21, 2011