• Leezard!
  • I believe I have my stapler...
  • Annoying new project reporting system.
  • FISH! Sadly, they never get thrown at anyone.
  • Clearly, the fire marshalls don't pay much attention around here. Otherwise, how would I have my tea and noodle cups?
  • One of my favorite cat pictures - posted here, actually. It reminds me that, at the end of the day, I have this to go home to.
  • Me as Granny Clampett, courtesy of Mike Ballard.
  • The end result of Holly and I rolling desk chairs over a bunch of useless old CDs.
  • The bill from John Root and Bob Troutman for moving me to the Kettering Tower in the back of John's car.
  • Certificate from my girlfriends, sent to me after I whined about how long it took just to APPLY for the PMP.
  • Me and the hubby - the other thing I have to go home to :)
  • Me with my bestest girlfriends!
  • Ah, clean workspace. So nice to be able to spread out.
  • Leezard!
  • Because no Leezard joke is complete without the stuffed talking dog that says "Here, Leezard, Leezard!"

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

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If you look in the corp phone book and see my job title, you'll see that I've got a really sweet deal on the real estate end of things. It won't last, so be not jealous. We're being restacked and squished into 6x8's like everyone else this summer.

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