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    1. kellymitch01 94 months ago | reply

      Just proved that it doesnt....oh hang on the anti circs will unveil it does in 3minutes research , whilst making a cup of tea.

    2. h.bimbo 84 months ago | reply

      Well, I'm happy with my intact penis, and the facts that lead to desensibilization of the glans are undenyable. But as I don't want you to become uncomfortable with your mutilated sticks, i won't go deeper into it. You shall not nag someone with a disability he has. I kinda pity you. Having no foreskin is like missing a finger. You can live with it, with only minimal take backs, but its obviously a defect, disfiguring you, and being a bit of a disatvantage from time to time.

    3. eric_legrand2000 72 months ago | reply

      it is funny to see that are old women who protests against circumcision!!!
      who's got the penis?
      i am cut and still has full sensation !
      my girfriend loves my clean cut penis
      who cares?

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