• Pipe Nebula, dark nebula
  • Antares (Alpha Scorpii), red supergiant star
  • Cat's Paw Nebula (NGC 6334)
  • Ptolemy Cluster (M7, NGC 6475), open cluster
  • Butterfly Cluster (M6, NGC 6405), open cluster
  • Lagoon Nebula (M8, NGC 6523), interstellar cloud
  • Our Milky Way Galaxy - rachelbrown572

the galactic centre - milky way galaxy

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The clouds finally cleared and the stars shone brightly in the brisk cold of the night air. This fifteen second long-exposure shows the centre of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Notable stars and objects included in this frame are: Antares (Alpha Scorpiii), Pipe Nebula, Cat's Paw Nebula, Butterfly cluster (M6), Ptolemy Cluster (M7), Lagoon Nebula (M8).

This photo is included in an amazing article located on Forbes.com by Bruce Dorminey - Decoding A Great Earth Die-Off: Was A Gamma-Ray Burst Really The Trigger?

Another interesting article using the photograph is on a University of British Columbia blog by Joseph Burant - Going Extinct: What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?

  1. Biscuits_yum 34 months ago | reply

    And to think if we were travelling at the speed of light it would only take 100,000 years to cross it, gulp!
    Stunning shot

  2. shinobi_no_sho 33 months ago | reply

    Amazing depth. I like this. :)

  3. mrfuller 32 months ago | reply

    My buddy runs this group and has designed software to solve star photos and tag all major known stars.

  4. Mike_t_by_the_sea 31 months ago | reply

    It's been a while since I wanted to try this

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