Puffin Extravaganza
You get to Île-Aux-Perroquets by catching a small boat at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec, Canada. It required two connections and a two-hour drive to the boat from Denver.

I attended a photography workshop lead by Christopher Dodd, with his lovely wife, Julie, accompanying him on this workshop. The other participants were, Kathy, Jory and Paul.

The islet boasts a lighthouse and converted keeper's house and assistant keeper's house, staffed by Tina and Louise, who provided us with truly gourmet dining, through our three-night, four-day stay.

The workshop was stupendous. It seems like Chris always had the wind and sun at our backs and puffins approaching us at all angles, at break-neck speed. I've read that puffins can reach 55-mph. That's easy to believe. They are challenging to keep in focus, particularly as they fly low over water and close to cliff faces, but everyone was getting their share of great shots.

Of my group, I was the only newbie. The others had all attended prior workshops and were planning for future workshops. I'll be joining them.

Believe it or not, I pared this down. I started with over 13,000 images and pared it down to under 200. If you get bored, flip fast. ;-)
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