White House

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    A view of the north lawn of the White House taken about 1860. The statue of Thomas Jefferson by Pierre Jean DAvid d' Angers was placed there by President James Polk in 1848. In 1873 the statue was moved to the rotunda of the United States Capitol building, where it stands today.

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    1. cbellh47 73 months ago | reply

      How did they do color in 1860? This is amazing.

      I bet the almost flat roof leaked like a lot of churches still do.

      Where are these statues now??

      I really like the way the grounds used to look. It had dignity.

    2. Jimmy Kastner Photography 73 months ago | reply

      I think this was hand colored...

    3. [ Noktor-Matic ] 73 months ago | reply

      was this glass plate film?

      if it was then it was hand painted

    4. Pixel Wrangler 73 months ago | reply

      The White House – Then and Now (150 years later)

      "White House (2007)"           by Ivan Makarov
      The White House

      "White House (c.1860)"     by E.B. Thompson
      White House

    5. altamons 71 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot you found here, and I like the way you compared it to modern. Nicely done!
      Seen in your shots. (?)

    6. rbdal (Back online) 47 months ago | reply

      Thank you for another fine contribution to The White House historical record.

      The setting of The White House has radically changed as it has become a "more secure" location. Thankfully its architectural charm remains to be seen today. Rick

    7. outnaway [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      Despite the appearance in this picture, the White House's roof was never flat. At the time of this picture there was a wooden attic floor up there. The attic floor was slightly smaller than the floors below it so it wouldn't be seen, as in this picture.

      At one point there was a sleeping porch on the top level of the White House.

      The wooden attic was converted into a more solid top floor for the White House in the 1920's when Coolidge was President. Today that level also has the solarium on it.

    8. rbdal (Back online) 47 months ago | reply

      Love it when those who know the details adds to the discussion.

      I am related to a long line of federal employees including Captain Clarence L. Dalrymple, captain of the the White House Police (July 1930 to Feb 1938). Clarence L. Dalrymple joined the White House Police in 1898; was not Captain during Wilson, Harding or Coolidge eras but was Captain of the White House Police from 1930-1937 (Hoover-FDR eras)

    9. Susan Barsy 30 months ago | reply

      I am wondering about the provenance of some of the images in the EB Thompson collection and wishing there were more specific biographical information about Thompson himself. Maybe those interested in his work could start a Wikipedia page?

      I have been trying to piece together EB's bio--he lived until at least the mid 1940s. Is he likely to have taken this image himself? If so, when/where was he born, and when/where did he get started in the business?

      Perhaps there are other details in the picture--is that a wrought iron fence behind the trees?--that would help date it more precisely. Maybe there is an "un-colorized" version?
      Susan Barsy

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